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Sirius Star System

Arcturas Star System

Pleiades Star System

Designs by Aephicles

Charlie Orellana, Guatemala, Central America

“I’ve started my journey into the visual arts through photography, born in a land of volcanoes and eternal spring, nature has always been my source of inspiration and passion,  eventually my curiosity for knowledge and higher consciousness lead me to experiment more through the layers of creativity by manipulating my photographs and creating therefore creating digital art.

My specialty is to portray the paradox towards what is seen in the outside world with what’s inside our mind with a touch of surrealism, mindfulness practice and spiritual energy.

The intention I put into my work is to inject positive vibrations into the world through a visual channel of expression, I make art to reinforce positive beliefs that will lead me to become a better person and if I can help or influence people in the process towards a positive and creative path then my dream is fulfilled.

 I believe it is important to stay inspired and creative by pursuing those things that bring out the best of ourselves because at the end, the art we create and the message we send is only a reflection of our minds and who we really are.”

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Star System Science

Arcturas - Bootes

Arcturus is estimated to be around 6 to 8.5 billion years old, but there is some uncertainty about its evolutionary status. Based upon the color characteristics of Arcturus, it appears to be ascending the red-giant branch, having burned through hydrogen at it’s core, and is now consuming helium.

In 1993, radial velocity measurements of Aldebaran, Arcturus and Pollux showed that Arcturus exhibited a long-period radial velocity oscillation, which could be interpreted as a substellar companion. This substellar object would be nearly 12 times the mass of Jupiter and be located roughly at the same orbital distance from Arcturus as the Earth is from the Sun, at 1.1 astronomical units.

Arcturas plays a prominent role in Greek mythology, as well as Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Inuit, Polynesian, indigenous Australian and Canadian astronomy, and many other cultures around the world. 

Sources: Arcturas

Maia - Pleiades

The Pleiades are a prominent sight in winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and are easily visible out to mid-Southern latitudes. They have been known since antiquity to cultures all around the world, including the Celts (Welsh Tŵr Tewdws [Tur Toodus], Irish “Streoillín”), Hawaiians (who call them Makaliʻi), Māori (who call them Matariki), Aboriginal Australians (from several traditions), the Persians, whence in Hindi and Urdu (who called them پروین Parvīn or پروی Parvī), the Arabs (who called them الثريا al-Thurayya), the Chinese (who called them 昴 mǎo), the Quechua, the Japanese (who call them 昴 / スバル Subaru), the Maya, the Aztec, the Sioux, the Kiowa, and the Cherokee. In Hinduism, the Pleiades are known as Krittika and are associated with the war-god Kartikeya. They are also mentioned three times in the Christian Bible.

The cluster core radius is about 8 light-years and tidal radius is about 43 light-years, with over 1000 statistically confirmed members, though most focus on the seven most prominent.

Sources: Pleiades

Sirius - Canis Major

The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the “dog days” of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, the star marked winter and was an important reference for their navigation around the Pacific Ocean.

The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is recorded in some of the earliest astronomical records, with over 50 other designations and names attached to it. Its displacement from the ecliptic causes its heliacal rising to be remarkably regular compared to other stars, with a period of almost exactly 365.25 days holding it constant relative to the solar year.

The Sirius system contains Sirius A and Sirius B, its white dwarf companion. While an apparent third star has been disproven, there is evidence of irregularities in this twin star orbit which point to a large exoplanet or small brown dwarf, and possibly many smaller bodies in the system.

Sources: Sirius

Transpersonal Psychology Analysis

The following details are compiled from the descriptive reports of skilled remote viewers, astral travelers, and the testimonies of individuals who claim to have memories from these Star Systems. 

Arcturian System

Resonating deep in the hearts of mountains, the songs of the Arcturians boom through ancient stone halls and passages deep within the surface of their home planet. From secret pools illuminated with fluorescence to high-speed transit tunnels, Arcturian cities burrow into the red stone of their world, leveraging expert technological craftsmanship of stone along with the delicate shaping of metal hulls and crystal windows. Pyramids dot the surface cities, and giant gates open in the walls of canyons to access gargantuan halls and atria under the ground. While the surface of the planet is dry and dusty, similar in appearance to Mars under the reddish light of the red-giant star Arcturas, hidden oceans of ice and liquid water follow passages through the deep places of the world. Some of the tunneling canyons underground are so large that ships fly through them, docking at various villages blooming from the walls. Starports sprout from cavern openings, and the magic of Arcturian stone work is seen everywhere.

Maia - Pleiades

Feeling the rhythmic resonance of the ocean waves, soft walls and flexible pathways bending and flowing with the wind and water, living structures woven with water, the Pleiadian Island cities bloom from tropical atolls and bubble deep within the seas. They are woven into the landscape, artfully crafted to disappear into the biosphere. Underwater tunnels, domes and spheres decorate the ocean floor, covered in coral and spilling into trenches and caves. Though most of the primary origin planet’s surface is covered in water, the few cities and villages populating the sparse island chains are only a tiny fragment of the population spread throughout the deep, and orbiting in the outer atmosphere. From gargantuan transports to moon-sized motherships, the Pleiadians are more spread throughout the Galaxy than floating around home, but their original home planet is a treasure beyond measure and provides essential environments for the journey of Pleiadian initiation. Everything is alive.

Sirian System

 In the joy of sunlight flickering between leaves, dancing with a rustle in the gentle breeze, held in the embrace of the ancient trees, the Sirian cities weave from the purple mountains to turquoise seas. They stand steadfast in the elder boughs, high above the shadowed ground, where the golden light plays among bridges and arches, courtyards and temples. Some rise from the ground, fingers of white stone pointing to the sky, glittering crystalline walls carved with reflections of the simple beauty of nature, whose graces consume the cities inside and out. Some cling to cliffs between cascades, where water gushes down endless indigo rock surfaces that turn violet in the sunshine, flowing from melting glaciers on snowy peaks. From villages in forests deep to waters edge, cities on mountain cliffs to the silver Starports on the icy tundra of the polar caps, Sirians accentuate their natural surroundings, magnifying the inherent beauty with honor and grace.

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