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Each of the Galactic NFTs operates as a transharmonic private key that accesses fundamental codices in the quantum vacuum lattice (spacetime information network). Originally provided through sonic transduction applied to crops, these illuminated versions reveal the deeper spectral encryptions inherent to these Galactic sigils.


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Galactic NFTs

Our NFTs are secured on the Ethereum Blockchain, and sold through the OpenSea marketplace to enhance buyer security and maximize potential for resale and value growth over time. This project is a fundraiser for development of a new type of NFT standard enabling complex royalty chains: fractalNFT.  Then, a game-changing 3D Social Operating System.

Portal Series

Each of these Galactic NFTs are the original harmonic keys which produced crop circles. 
Over 10K resolution, 108 million pixels, printable up to 5′ x 3.75′ at 200dpi (canvas).

Time Map - Milk Hill 2001

This crop circle incorporates advanced mathematics depicting time cycles. It was also scientifically tested, and the results were out of this world…

Nano - White Sheet 2010

Mirroring the structure of a very specific and potentially revolutionary molecular structure, this crop circle may be the key to nanotechnology energy systems…

Euler's Cube - Fosbury 2010

At first glance this shape screams Silicon Valley, yet its secrets are from the stars. This crop circle expresses the cubic harmonic growth limits of Euler…

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Galactic Secrets

Each Galactic NFT is more than an image. It is a mathematical geometric composition encrypting a vast array of data. This data may include time cycles, molecular structures, binary code, physical constants, advanced quantum gravitational mechanics, and more. Some of this information has been decrypted and made available in the details for each NFT. Owners of each NFT will also receive additional decrypted information on each structure as it becomes available through our Mathemagicians team and through network sourced analysis.

NFTs for a purpose

Let’s face it… Most NFT projects out there seem to be designed around a money grab, leveraging ridiculousness for widespread attention, and don’t have any specified purpose. Lots of ICOs were done similarly, and there are a lot of “pump-and-dump” scams out there. 

Galactic NFTs are different: every NFT here is a mind-blowing work of art, designed with relevance to last millennia, and focused on raising capital for a purpose: to support the educational and technological initiatives of Superluminal Systems and build Core.Network.  


Superluminal Education Intiatives

Phase 1: Galactic NFTs

Galactic NFTs release initial wave of encoded digital artwork containing key geometric data for Universal rendering. Each NFT unlocks special access in the Phase 2 & Phase 3 Platforms, as well as Galactic Academy access. 

Phase 2: NFT Marketplace

Open-source NFT Marketplace is launched, enabling low-cost public NFT generation and on-chain data storage. In addition, our revolutionary fractalNFT system enables unlimited royalty splits and cascades.

Phase 3: Core.Network

The Core.Network starship dashboard is launched as the first 3D Social OS that enables you to take back and own your data and identity across your networks. No throttling, no censorship, no injected ads, with powerful graph visualization.


3D Social Operating System & NFT Marketplace

Stay Updated on Core.Network

We’re building the first Holochain based NFT marketplace embedded in our 3D Social OS. Oh, and it runs in a Starship Dashboard where you own and control your identity & data. No more throttling, no more manipulative algorithms, no more injected ads… Search based on Trust Graph, visualize any feed in any way you want, and explore your social network as you fly between your friends’ star systems…

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