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Mathematics & Geometry

On June 25th 2010, an enormous snowflake-like crop formation of 7 large circles, 30 small circles, and 168 tiny circles was found in Wiltshire, England. The snowflake-like pattern can be reconstructed by recognizing the 2-Dimensional fractal crystal growth pattern embedded in the design.


Seed Geometry

In your seed geometry, you will have 4 different sizes and diameters of Circles:

[Douter : Dinner : Dsmall : Dtiny]  = [2 : 1 : 0.4 : 0.1]

You can create the seed geometry by drawing two nested circles with their diameters in a 2 : 1 (Douter : Dinner) ratio. Then, at the 6 intersections between the outer circle and ϴ = [ π/3, 2π/3, π, 4π/3, 5π3/, 2π], place the origin of 6 new small circles with diameters one 5th the size of the outer circle.

Now, along each radian ϴ = [ π/3, 2π/3, π, 4π/3, 5π3/, 2π], place two evenly spaced tiny circles (one 20th the diameter of the outer circle) in the space between the inner circle and the small circle on the perimeter of the outer circle; lay the two circles perpendicular to the tangent of the inner circle. Perform the same for the other two tiny circles, except lay them parallel to the tangent of the inner circle at the midpoint between the inner and small circle.


Fractal Growth

Now, on a separate drawing pad, draw another two nested circles with their diameters, again, in a 2 : 1 ratio. Draw these circles with double the diameters used in your seed (2*Douter : 2*Dinner). Then, at the 6 intersections between the outer circle and ϴ = [ π/3, 2π/3, π, 4π/3, 5π3/, 2π], place the origin of 6 copies of your Seed geometry. Voila!

This fractal growth is representative of how crystals grow in a beautifully recursive manner.

Scientific Analysis

In 2015, Biomedical Electrical Engineer, Carissa Ouellette of Edmonton, Alberta was struck by the White Sheet 2010 crop circle’s resemblance to Chemistry’s representation of molecular bonding. Through her eyes, the 7 large circles were larger, more dense atoms with larger orbital radii; the 30 small circles were smaller, less dense atoms with smaller orbital radii.

From Ouellette’s perspective, the 42 pairs of darker tiny dots between the larger and smaller atoms were shared electrons creating covalent bonds. The 12 lighter tiny dots surrounding each of the 7 larger atoms were valence electrons. What she saw was a molecular blueprint for a centrosymmetric crystal.

Fascinated by the structure’s snowflake-like pattern, she realized that snowflakes were crystals, and that at the base root of some of the most important materials of our century, like semiconductors and quartz resonators, were repeating, recursively growing crystal lattices with their geometries only visible at the nano-scale with advanced microscopy.

Ouellette began questioning whether or not this 2-Dimensional fractal-growth pattern could propagate into the 3rd dimension. What she found was a powerful and direct correlation between the White Hill Crop’s geometry and the 2D projection of the 64 Tetrahedron Matrix, a sacred geometric lattice studied by Nassim Haramein and purported to possess the geometric seeds of Vacuum-based energy technologies.

Ouellette postulated that this crop circle could be a 2-Dimensional projection of a 3-Dimensional molecular blueprint for a novel nano material. She says “If it was, you would need to find large atoms that bond with small atoms, leaving 12 valence electrons. You would then need to project the 2D blueprint into 3D space while observing fundamental rules governing Chemistry.” She hints that the keys lie hidden in the geometry of the 64 Tetrahedron Matrix.

Ouellette currently works at the National Research Council’s Nanotechnology Research Center in Edmonton, Alberta and has put forth a proposal to research whether or not such a nanomaterial could be modelled and synthesized using inorganic material synthesis techniques.

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